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I created QUIET ON THE SET.AND ACTION! Because of the Hell I went through AS Executive Producer (As Executive Producer, Myself, Robert & Jerry Funded the entire 1.3M Production, everyone else (Even with Exec Producer Credits in the movie) Was PAID. I have never been so Taken advantage of in my life. It is the common theme in this industry. I overcame and I am seeking vengeance MY WAY. (wink, wink) Most importantly, I am helping Industry Professionals Navigate their way through a beautiful Artistic world on the outside, but yet a disturbing, so greedy-the Hills are on fire type of world on the inside. Visit my blog as I share personal set stories as well as Industry resources:
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IciclesUSA Sunglasses with Lis Castella Designs Photoshoot

Riding out with a Low Life (Bike)! Does it get any better? #Iciclesusa


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Thank you for taking the time to be here. I hope I can entertain you and inspire! I have been making movies and dance videos since I was a kid...and clearly, I never stopped. "Annie" was the first home movie I made. And my dance videos...Holy crap I got down! Lol. I danced until I looked like I was breathing fire. And I stared right at that camera the whole time. I made my movies, I wrote songs and short stories. I even wrote down the lyrics of songs on paper and my mom found them in my pocket when doing laundry and thought I had written some pretty elaborate love letters... at age 10. I said you couldn't tell its a Whitney Houston song with the lyrics and repeated chorus, mom?! But hey, we were also kids who got food-stamps from the tooth-fairy. What can ya do. 

 Anyway, I did not even realize what I was doing 24/7 was not completely normal. My life revolved around escaping my real world and myself by playing different characters, song and dance. Before being separated from my sisters, we had our little performances. I posted crayon written ads on trees and performed at parks,  where my audience was nothing but old men who came to watch, I could hear them coming to take a seat at the park as the sound of their walkers scraped the sidewalk to get there. But whatever, they were nice and they were my audience. We actually probably had a lot more in common than I had realized then.  And to me, I thought Hell, at least someone was paying attention! And they were happy we paid attention to and appreciated them! 

I love what I do and I find myself STILL doing quadruple ballet spins through my house, climbing the pole like a tree and flipping upside down while rockin my favorite music and of course, making movies and playing characters with every ounce of my being. I have many sides to me and through performing is where I get to explore them all while celebrating my childlike ability and my need to live in the moment. Most people suffer anxiety when it's time to perform, I suffer Debilitating anxiety when I am NOT performing. I will discuss those struggles in my Youtube Vlog. 

On a set, a stage or with an audience is my safe place. 

Please check out my work, my movies, especially "Nation's Fire"! Please sign up here on my site for upcoming content, news and e-books on everything I learned about the industry that will be of interest to you. I also invite you to subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Quiet on the Set. AND ACTION!, you can find out more on that below! I will be posting new videos weekly!

Episodes of the Everywhere Eddy Show page.

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Pole Cinema is a unique take on pole dance that I created. I plan to evolve this art combining creative storytelling through music, graphics , self editing and pole dance to create a mini movie. My goal is to show another side to pole and eradicate

(just a little) the stigma that goes along with the sport. We may do exotic routines, but it absolutely is solely about exuding confidence, strength, femininity and working hard while having fun. I come up with concepts, choose the music, perform the routines and fully edit the videos. Each performance is a character within me and a deep sense of therapy as I release my emotion through the beauty of performance and storytelling.   





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