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Welcome to my site, here you can find out about all my work and whats coming up. I appreciate you taking the time to be here. My site was formerly kristagrotte.com and is officially kristagsaxon.com. I'm choosing to use my last name on my mother's side as well, mostly because it is easier for people to pronounce! 

Short BIO-

 "Saxon nails the performance with conviction and steadfast bravado that makes it utterly impossible to not root for her character."- Critic Review by Onefilmfan.

Krista Grotte Saxon won Best Actress at the Crystal Reel Awards/ Florida Motion Picture & Television Association and Best Actress through the Full Moon Horror Film Festival, she is an Internationally Published Fitness Model, and Founder of TeKnocentric Productions, Executive Producer of Nation's Fire movie starring 2-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern (Once Upon a Time In Hollywood), Emmy winner Gil Bellows (Shawshank Redemption) Chuck Liddell ( UFC Champ) and Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy).
Krista Grotte Saxon is an athlete in the sport of acroexotic pole, as  "The Femme Fatale of pole", she tells stories through her performances.      www.kristagsaxon.com e-mail: kristello@msn.com

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"Thanks to Krista Grotte Saxon's lead performance as Gloria, Nation's Fire is elevated to a refreshing perspective on a well-worn genre.  --Film Critic John Higgins Filmandtvnow 

"Krista Grotte Saxon has made a bid for stardom with Nation’s Fire.

There’s always a need for another action character in the business and in Nation’s Fire she shows her stuff."-Critical review by Aced Magazine

"Krista Grotte Saxon owns the screen (Nation's Fire) as Gloria, a tough as nails Floridian bondswoman who is respected by her connections and can hold her own during brawls. An Action franchise will hopefully find Saxon and recruit her." -Film Critic WylieWrites  

A little of my Pole Work Sprinkled in! Sometimes ya gotta give em a little something to talk about, hell, they do it anyway. Enjoy!

 the official nation's fire movie trailer

The childhood pic I happen to have,  my two year old self  had a dream, and today as Gloria Nation. Nation's Fire.

Please check out www.nationsfireofficialmovie.com to learn the realness behind the inspiration of the movie. Learn about the incredible talent in the movie. Read about my producer's statement and join the #nationsfireofficialmovie social media pages 

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On the set, Behind the Scenes and in Action

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Krista Grotte Saxon, Krista G. Saxon, Krista Grotte, Femme Fatale of Pole,

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Deep, Gritty Conversation with Fl Nighttrain

as I share my life story in this Interview coming soon...

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