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Krista Grotte Saxon of Planning Technology, Inc. is known in the technical world for her creation of an independent airport application (CurbPing, 2014) designed for  reporting, statistics, tracking and billing  Transportation Networking Companies operating on commercial and  airport property.  During the beginning of the ground transportation crisis with the emergence of  cab companies utilizing mobile technology  (Uber/Lyft) to provide service to passengers. Krista saw a need for a software solution. She spent much time traveling, studying and analyzing  a method for future technical tools necessary for commercial properties to provide a level playing field for all transportation operations. This geo-fence based Curbping Application technology not only provides a level playing field for Uber/Lyft and cabs, but also collects the necessary data airports and properties need to operate efficiently , to understand trends that will help in future operations, while providing superior service to users. This software also allows commercial properties and airports to collect the necessary fees accurately. She initially received push back from the industry afraid to tell these transportation network companies how to operate on their property.


She compares the need for this solution by comparing it to retail, "I'm not going to own a store and have customers come in and decide what they want to pay for the merchandise I am selling"...That is essentially what is happening when companies utilize self reporting on commercial property.

The obstacles she faces in the technology business go hand in hand with the business of Executive Producing feature films. "We have to create the  change in order to not get lost in the crowd." Aside from her career with Planning Technology Inc. (Aviation Software) and Teknocentric, Krista Grotte has been a working Actress since her first movie role in the award winning short horror film "Filthy" in 2003 . Krista played an inbred transient in "Filthy" ."Filthy" screened and earned more than 23 awards at film festivals  around the country. From there, Krista stayed consistently busy modeling for magazines (which she states is playing a character to give the client what they are looking for, so lets not take the bikinis for anything more or less than what they!), she did commercial ads, was hired for infomercials and hosting Born to Ride motorcycle lifestyle television events while earning roles in movies being shot around the country. Krista traveled the convention circuit as a special guest networking and meeting loyal fans. Soon she landed a role in one of the  "Godfather of Gore's" (the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis)  final films. "The Uh-Oh Show". Krista signed on for the leading role in "Emerging Past" (EP) , shot in NY. EP won best horror feature at the NYC International Film Festival 2 times. EP sold out the theatre and had to be screened again to accommodate guests for a 2nd sold out screening. EP also screened at the Full Moon Horror Film Fest, where Krista won best Actress in a Horror Feature. Krista also won Best Actress at the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association's  prestigious Crystal Reel Awards for a short film she co-wrote with good friend Attorney/Playboy Photographer Bo Hitchcock and Produced by Rick Danford. 

       Krista later earned an industry referral to train with one of the most sought after Acting Coaches to the stars in Hollywood, Howard Fine. Howard Fine is recognized as one of the premiere acting teachers and most sought-after coaches in the entertainment industry. His talent roster has included such celebrities as: Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Diana Ross, Jennifer Connelly, Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi, Kim Delaney, Elle McPherson, Brooke Shields, Darryl Hannah, Claudia Schiffer, Jason Priestly, Michelle Williams, and he works with  Salma Hayek, David Eliot, Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora, Michael Chiklis, James Belushi, Lori Loughlin, Elizabeth Berkeley, Jared Leto, Tisha Campbell, David Faustino, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Tori Spelling among many others.  (HuffPost)
    Krista's latest movie, Nation's Fire, came about upon promoting the recent release of Check Point at a Born To Ride Bike event. Check Point is an Action film based on domestic terrorism, where Krista plays the ruthless Libby, it was Written and Directed by Thomas J. Churchill. Check Point stars William Forsythe (The Rock, Raising Arizona, The Devils Rejects) WWE Champ Bill Goldberg, Kenny Johnson (SOA, The Shield), Kane Hodder (Jason in Friday the 13th) Ricky Harris (Everybody Hates Chris) and Tyler Mane. Ron Galletti, Thom Churchill and Krista had a conversation in regard to Producing the next SAG Action/Biker Drama film. Thus, Nation's Fire was born. Krista Grotte Robert Ori, principal owners of TeKnocentric and Jerry Roberts Executive Produced Nation's Fire. With the guidance and partnership of an Oscar winning Co Executive Producing team at Hollywood Media Bridge, we proudly and successfully completed production summer of 2017. Cast of Nation's Fire includes Krista as Gloria Nation, Two time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern as Pop-pop, Emmy winner Gil Bellows as Josip, UFC champ Chuck Liddel as Vito and Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy) as Rita.  Nation's Fire will be released January 17, 2020. 
Krista Grotte is a proud member of Suncoast Brotherhood, a Biker's Rights group.

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My Most Proud work is my brand, Indie Film Queen- Quiet on the Set AND ACTION! This consists of my Blog, my YouTube Channel and my Indie Filmmaker Business Academy.