Krista Grotte Saxon Pole Performance

 My life work is about imagination, cinema & storytelling. I take my deepest emotions and  instead of just talking about it, I create performances and characters, or sides to myself, that take my audience on a journey. Performing, creating and art is the love of my life.

        Pole is a way for me to create that storytelling experience, it is a love that has gotten me through so much while building up my sense of self. Pole is a beautiful, unique and controversial platform for my theatrical performances. Pole is so much more than the stigma attached, it has brought me back to life after much devastation by those I thought I could trust while making Nation's Fire. If you subscribe to my Youtube at  Indie Film Queen Quiet on the Set AND ACTION!  You will  understand how and why. I will share every darn detail. I am looking forward.

    I started really training hard at pole for the next movie I will be Producing & shooting. I want my character to be at the top of her game, so I began training and as much as I wanted to at times, I did not quit. With every judgement and eyeroll  from non-polers, I worked harder. I flipped higher. With every bruised and bloody moment, I kept going until my skin thickened and will not bruise anymore. With every eye-roll from haters,  I climbed higher and higher, looking them straight in the eye while mastering my solid kicks with toes beautifully pointed. Today, I am proud of myself, proud I do not listen to any advice less than the best. This sport is to be respected.  Pole sport performers are champions in body confidence, self worth, grip, strength, and stamina with a hellified threshold for pain, in which we cannot show on our faces during performance.    

     With my pole journey, I am now ready to kill it on the big screen.  I trained hard, all while creating a whole unexpected new path that led me to my own cinematic  pole dream. I created Pole Cinema by Krista Grotte Saxon. 

 Mic drop, bootysmack. 

I thank YOU for being supportive of me. And now it is my time to support you. Follow those dreams. 


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Krista Grotte Saxon Pole Dance Candra Cain Photography

If you go to my YOUTUBE channel, you can read the stories behind the inspiration of each cinematic pole video. Tons of hours goes into creating each one. Editing is quite a tedious process, but I love doing it myself so I can create exactly to my vision. Once the creative puzzle is built and assembled, to me, it is well worth the work.

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Krista Grotte Saxon in training mode

Watch below as seasoned dancer Jennifer Lopez learns Pole for Hustlers

Krista Grotte Saxon Lola Montez