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Blonde Stigma

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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working with the taxi software in NY, I needed to fix some software issues at JFK, one of the curbside dispatchers said you are the tech person? I said yep, whats the issue with the equipment? She told me I look like a porn star. I said OK, whats the issue? (So it must be my face and hair color, cause I had a suit and trench on)

In my beginning days in aviation software, I know some wonderful, loyal professional people in aviation, but I had been through pure hell with many. I attend and speak at aviation conferences, I attend many corporate dinners in NYC. Oh lord have I got stories on that!

Five star restaurant, I was excited to be there and network. About 50 professionals as we had a whole private section of the restaurant. A loud mouth decided to target me after a few too many drinks. He was loud and obnoxious, showing off, people were laughing and busting each other's balls. During the long dinner, I got up to walk to bathroom, he decided to shout out..uhhh, she's leaving, somebody better pay her!!! I said 'What?" As I looked around, everyone seemed to be laughing in slow motion. He kept yelling sh*t as if I'm a blonde bimbo. I threw a dinner roll and walked out in front of 50 fellow business colleagues. He was dragged outside and yes, I got my apology.

Another dinner in NYC, I had to roll up my sleeves and take another one outside after I got fed up with his comments that had been going on for two hours, he was saying things like, "Let me guess, you are a model Krisssta! You model and you do AVIATION SOFTWARE!!! Let me get your FB. Why wont you have some drinks Krissta? Le me get you a drink. I said "I do not drink." He kept pressing me, "Are you sure you should be eating that dessert, it might ruin your figure." He then yelled to everyone at the table "Let's just let her run the whole damn city of NY, is that what we're going to do, HUH???!!! One of the guys on my team said, actually, that's not a bad idea, she definitely will. It was great. This little loud mouth prick kept carrying on, I guess he was jealous of my position and that I was so much taller than him, I didn't even know this guy. I finally lost it, I slammed my fork and stood up, I took him the "F" outside. The whole table sat there with their jaws hanging open. Oh yes, I went old school.

It's been a long road, however, one by one I got my point across and I'm still here. There is still a strong belief in society that femininity or caring how you look makes you weak, stupid and submissive. Yes, I look feminine, don't all women?- Well, except when I'm pissed, I'm a whole new animal, I literally transform like "the Beast" in that M. Night Shyamalan movie. To me, its not about being the "Bigger person" damn right I will be bigger as I stand up out of my chair to confront you, nobody sees you as being "the bigger person" by getting bullied and not doing anything about it. No, do it to me once, that is the last time you will do it. Everything else goes out the window for me.

What I also find interesting, is the way they talk about ALL women. Then I see how they treat women whom they find unattractive. The comments are ridiculous, like these women are too "butch" or whatever, and I say thats not true.

​ I was once walking by myself in NYC, just got off the train at Penn Station. Dead of winter. I walked several blocks, full down coat, heavy full neck sweater, skull cap, freezing cold. Some guy, looking dapper in a business suit and trench coat, appearing professional, chased me down, grabbed my arm and told me he saw me on the train, I think your beautiful. He then asked if he could take me on a shopping spree across the street at Victoria's Secret and pay me to go to his hotel. I said are you kidding? I snatched my arm away as I told him "go to the fricken strip club". He said I don't want to, I want you.

Awww, how sweet. So we went into Victoria Secret, he bought me a whole ton of stuff, he held the door open for me, I smiled at him as we walked out the door, I juked a quick left then I ran like hell, as my 10 bags slammed into people while I'm running full speed down the sidewalks. Just kidding- I did NOT go shopping, I told him NO, BYE. That would have been funny though. I watched to make sure I wasn't being followed all the way home, I learned you never know who's watching you. He didn't look scary, but neither did Jeffrey Dahmer. Hell, that could have been a fifty shades of grey situation, now that I think about it. Things like this happened to me many times on the subway too. My question is, why do complete strangers think they can approach a woman asking her something like that?

​ Oh my, don't even get me started about some of the delusional creeps trying to be in the movie industry. They have me crying laughing. I will write a blog post on this! There is this one guy who thinks he is the next big thing in Hollywood. Another New Yorker who clearly watches too much tv. He says I RUN THIS SHIT, Do YOU KNOW WHO I AM. Wellll, you run what? You have never done anything. And No, I don't know who you are, nobody does. He talked about big "cans". Who the "F" calls a woman's chest "cans"? Then he hacks away like he just puked on the phone, wow, you really sound cool. I just sit there thinking, Ooooh my God. Lol.

I have to deal with horrific treatment in business by men AND women where people do not take me seriously or they don't want me doing my job nor being in charge...initially. Same thing as my position as an Executive Producer.

So if you hate me for my "image", no worries, I suffered plenty, everyday from going into a convenience store to trying to get a lady to respond to my business emails. I also laugh at it plenty.

I attended a premiere at a movie I worked on in North Carolina. At the end, audience members filled out comment cards. I was told by the Producer that a few women, whom I did not know at all, had commented saying "Krista Grotte, what is SHE doing here"? I told him, those church goers do know that I WAS IN THE FRICKEN MOVIE, RIGHT??!!!! So funny.

This is all just a few tiny examples of the drama my image has created. I don't even know why bikini pics throw everyone in such a frenzy. Many of these people had never even seen my online presence, so it's not that! I'm assuming those other people looked me up, like the miserable church going ladies who really sinned by judging and said, "Oh, look at this Hussy! She is wearing a bathing suit!!! What a slut!!! How dare she??

Doesn't every woman on the planet wear a bikini on the beach? Ohhh, but mine are "suggestive pics", in all fairness, it's a job, they asked for a look, I had to deliver and I love them!!!

​ Instead of shaving my head and stripping away my femininity to make others "comfortable" I embrace it! I train like a beast, I get into my pole show costumes and join fellow athletes on stage to compete in one of the most difficult sports in the world, pole sport. If you don't think so, try it.

Men and women who have made my life a living hell...they can't do what I can do as an athlete, NOT ONE OF THEM. I'm proud of my body shape, my "skinny bitch" long legs, my "blonde bitch" hair (those are things I have heard being said about me by hairy females sucking the grease off their fingers, while I'm sitting right there in restaurants, and yes, you guessed it, after their snickering and rolling eyes at me, I got up to use the restroom and slammed my hip into their chairs as I walked by).

I'm proud of my strength, my inverts, my aerial handstands, my flexibility and stamina, my boxing abilities. I am mostly proud of my stunt fighting capabilities, so go ahead, disrespect me.

I'm leaving this blog post with a Hair Whip, finger snap and a walk away.

Thanks for letting me share!!!

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