"Krista was the proverbial consummate professional. Above all her Acting ability is phenominal. She captured the essence of the part incredibly well and all that have seen her performance have commented to me personally just what an outstanding Actress she is. Krista was a real trooper too. Her part called for some risky special makeup effects, and yet she tackled these with bravery and gusto. She is extraordinarily beautiful, like a Sigourney Weaver or Jamie Lee Curtis. I can personally assure that Krista Grotte would be an indespensible asset to any feature film." -Andy Lalino Writer/Producer/Director of "Filthy" The Film Ranch/Cult Movie Mania

"In my time I have been afforded to work with many types of Actors. Krista ranks right up at the top. When I met her, I was immediately entranced by her eyes. They have such energy. An energy that is matched by the power she gave through the audition, rehearsal and shooting. Krista also possessed a professionalism that never failed. Always on time, always ready to work. She was very willing to go where we asked her to go with her character. I truly admired and was inspired by her dedication. Let Krista show her stuff- you wont be disappointed." -John Karliss Producer/Director "Filthy

Excerpt From Emerging Past Writer and Director Thom Churchill's Interview with Brian S. of GEEKTYRANT.

 Brian  S- To me Krista Grotte has THE stand out performance. How is she to work with? 

Thomas Churchill-

Brilliant actress. Cannot say enough about her. Krista Grotte was so amazing. This woman can ACT!! She was put through the gauntlet with EP. The role demanded many levels. To me it was the ultimate actors role. Krista came in and nailed it. During 90% of the film she was sick with Pneumonia. Like a trooper, she pumped herself full of meds and went on & didn’t complain once. She just brought everything to the table and it paid off. To me...she is EP!


Krista Grotte is a pro, worked with her on Emerging Past, no finer actor  than Krista - Steve Dash/ Jason Voorhees  Friday The 13th Part II

Psst... Krista can throw a punch like Rocky.. she is a badass!   -Rick McCallum Stunt Coordinator Hatchet (2006) and The Devil's Rejects (2005),  J. Edgar (2011), Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) Check Point (2016)

Krista Grotte Saxon is the real deal- Executive Producer Chasing Butterflies Pictures "Check Point"

"Since I met Krista on the set of "Filthy" and having first hand experience with her, we were lucky to have found this diamond in the rough. Krista is a mixture of strong Acting ability, mixed with the looks of a Hollywood leading lady. Throw in he fact that she has a personality that makes you a better person just knowing her. She has plenty of range.

-Rick Danford/ Enigma Films

There is an article stating that my character in the horror feature Death On Demand was played by an actual porn star...No, I pretended to be a porn star, that's my job as an Actress.

I consider that to be quite the compliment and of the highest accolades.

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