My Photo shoots are an important part of my world as an Actress. I look ugly enough in some of my movie roles (trust me, I hear about that too). These shoots are where I get to be glam!!! They are all edgy in tone, I understand, however the work I have put into these shoots is incredible, from the fitness training, the travel, the preparation, the flights, subways and cabs dragging my 200 lbs of luggage. The hair, the makeup. The magazines such as American Curves, the Interviews such as the Bubba the Lovesponge show, the Playboy Mansion parties with the late Hugh Heffner...toasting with Gene Simmons.

 My modeling has taken me to beautiful, unbelievable places, introduced me to some awesome people and is a huge part of my life- and that is why I do not try to change my "Image" as an Actress by hiding them. It doesn't matter anyway, I could have my whole Actress website with all images wearing a turtleneck, sweat pants and eyes peeking through the holes of a bank robber ski mask- I still get the same judgement. Therefore I am just going to embrace my work, myself, my skills and just take it to the next level on the pole! Check out my pole competitor website!


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